Beam Suntory: Striving For Optimal Post Acquisition Integration

In 2014, the Japanese company that is mainly famous for its spirits business bought an American liquor company, Beam. Suntory has purchased Beam and now wants to integrate operations of both companies to enjoy synergies and expand rapidly in the International market.

Robert Bosch Power Tools: Regional Headquarters Structure for Eastern Europe and the Middle East (B)

From the case analysis, it is found that the Regional Headquarters of Robert Bosch Power Tools faces challenges in terms of managing its geographically dispersed subsidiary units. These subsidiaries are complaining about the slow decision-making process, limited efficiency, and less know-how about the needs of their clients (Schmitt and Nell, 2021).

Revenue Management at SkyJet

This entire case is about SkyJet Flight 97 which is likely to take flight from JFK to Salk Lake City that departs at 9:30 AM. There are a total of 146 passengers are used in the same aspect.

Northern Drilling Inc.: The Mond Nickel Contract Decision

Northern Drilling is a subsidiary of the third largest exploration drilling contractor in the world, InterDrilling Corporation. Northern Drilling was started in 2006, when InterDrilling hired Peter Bremnerto build the company from scratch. Northeren is particularly operating in Canada, the world’s largest diamond drilling market.

Meakin Enterprises: Balancing Risks In The Agriculture Industry

Meakin Enterprise is to decide whether they should expand its farming business, trucking business or maintain the current level of business. It cannot expand both at a time due to management time restrictions as well as financing issues. It is recommended that Meakin should expand the trucking business and accept a new contract.