From BoysTown To Yourtown: Rebranding an Iconic Australian Charity

Rebranding refers to a process of changing the corporate image of a company. It is a market strategy that gives entirely a new name, or symbol or even changes a design of an already-established organisation. Rebranding is a common practice and many businesses rebrand their brands every seven to ten years.

The Medicine Company

The corporate strategy of the medicine company is to acquire drugs that were in the late stages of product development but were undervalued by their developing companies.

Sustaining an Ethnic Soft Drink – Paper Boat: Brand Positioning and Consumer Behavior

Based on the information in Exhibit 1, how should Paper Boat use marketing to influence consumer behavior? Be sure to address all five types of customer experiences: Sense, Feel, Think, Act, and Relate and provide key points in which Paper Boat can appeal to the Cognitive and/or Emotional aspects of decision making

Capturing China’s High Potential Markets: Intel’s Quest to Maximize Growth

Intel initially started manufacturing memory chips in but started processor manufacturing in 1971. However, due to intense competition in memory chip manufacturing industry, it spin off its business in 1985 and decided to focus only on process manufacturing.

Lexington Limited

Lexington limited is a twenty-year-old company. It is a specialist in contemporary product innovation. The company offers a unique and stylish product range to suit every day domestic lifestyle needs.